Vaudoise Arena

Vaudoise Arena

An ultramodern multisports complex located in Malley designed to allow the public to play sports and to host various sports events as well as artistic, social and cultural shows.

The main arena is multifunctional and can be transformed in 24 hrs to welcome spectators to various events: hockey matches, concerts, shows, exhibitions or conferences.

From September, you can come and enjoy the LHC for two exceptional matches and in 2020 it will host the opening ceremony for the Youth Olympic Games 2020 as well as hockey matches, short track and artistic ice skating, not forgetting the World Ice Hockey Championships and World Petanque Championships!

To summarise, Vaudoise Arena is:

- 3 ice rinks, 2 indoor and 1 outdoor. Opening December 2019
- 4 pools, an Olympic pool, a diving board, a relaxation area and a paddling pool. Open to the public from January 2021
- 1 fencing centre and table tennis. Opening in 2020
- Conference rooms and seminar rooms including the Olympic Capital Space covering over 1,000 m2. Bookings from 2020
- Restaurants and bars.


Chemin du Viaduc 14
CH-1008 Prilly

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