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Sauvabelin and its lake have been a gathering place for Sunday family outings, school trips and visitors since the 19th century. It is one of Lausanne's symbols of nature in the city, as it takes no more than 10 minutes to reach this lush green setting from the city centre.

Until the 18th century Sauvabelin was a wasteland where cattle roamed free. However, a lot of landscaping work was carried out at Sauvabelin after 1858 to make it as attractive as it is today. It became a great success with the construction of the lake and restaurant, and the inauguration of the Lausanne-Signal funicular, which is now closed.

Sauvabelin Tower offers incomparable views from a height of 35 metres.

You can also enjoy the nature reserve and the animals, and even a boat ride on the lake.


CH-1018 Lausanne

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