La Maison du Prieur
La Maison Prieur

La Maison du Prieuré (The Priory House)

The Priory House is one of thousands of host residences built alongside the great mediaeval European routes. Intended to receive distinguished guests, aristocrats and high prelates of the Church, this building is probably the last remaining example of these legendary palaces.

During the Middle Ages, Romainmôtier was situated on one of the pilgrimage routes leading to Santiago de Compostela. In 1280, the prior, Pierre Aymon de Playsie, gave the order to construct the Priory House in the premises of the court of the abbey and the monastery.

From 1536, after the invasion of the Bernese, the abbey was dismissed and the monks were expelled. After the departure of the Bernese in 1798, different private owners succeeded each other and made numerous changes.

In 1959, Katharina von Arx, journalist and traveller, bought the building and discovered the hidden treasures that it contained. It was then designated historical monument of national importance.

Currently, several suites can be hired. Delicious homemade tarts are prepared in the tearoom on the ground floor.


La Maison du Prieur
Cour du Cloître 20
CH-1323 Romainmôtier

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