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Dance and promenade, explore the city with a guide

May 4, 2019
Lausanne - Culture et patrimoine

Lausanne Tourisme invites you to a promenade through the city with a guide - the topic of the promenade: dancing. Rediscover the city of Lausanne together with your guide and in collaboration with the Swiss Dance Festival

The guided tour will start at the Swiss Dance Archive and you may learn more about the famous Swiss dancer Sigurd Leeder before you are walking to the « Place de la Palud » to have a look at the performance Happening from Cie Nunzio Impellizzeri. Afterwards your guide will take you by public transportation to the Théâtre Vidy. There you will be able to discover the latest creation of the artist Yoann Bourgeois in a pavillon situated directly in front of the theatre.


CH-1001 Lausanne

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