Fête des vignerons arène spectacle
Fête des vignerons Arène
Arène Fête des Vignerons

Fête des Vignerons

Jul 18, 2019 - Aug 11, 2019
Vevey - Culture et patrimoine

Unique, the Winegrowers’ Festival takes place 4 times a century in Vevey and celebrates the work in the Lavaux vineyards.

The Winegrowers’ Festival is a popular celebration held since the 18th century by the winegrowers’ association Confrérie des Vignerons (Brotherhood of Winegrowers). The main aim of this ancient association is to encourage and promote winegrowing culture, particularly in the Lavaux UNESCO region.

The Vaudois are very attached to this festival, because of its popularity and exceptional atmosphere. The event, which takes place on the Vevey market square, takes place only 4 times every century! It still pays tribute to the generations of winemakers, as it has done since the start.
The next Winegrowers’ Festival, in summer 2019, from July 18th to August 11th, will involve thousands of singers, actors, dancers - professional and amateur - as well as dedicated volunteers. Until then, the history of this unique event and souvenirs of previous Festivals can be discovered at the “Musée de la Confrérie des Vignerons” in Vevey.


Fête des Vignerons
Chaussée de la Guinguette 12
CH-1800 Vevey

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