Vaud Museum of Money

Vaud Museum of Money

Situated in the centre of Lausanne, in the Palais de Rumine on Place de la Riponne, the Vaud Museum of Money has a unique collection in Switzerland including over 80,000 exhibits and a library of 20,000 books. Visitors benefit from free admission on the first Saturday of the month.

With coins, medals, tokens, seals, paper money, weights and exchange ledgers, the Vaud Museum of Money is one of the biggest numismatic museums in Switzerland.

The museum’s collections include over 80,000 money-related exhibits, with 1,200 new pieces being added each year. It is also the legal depository of all coinage found in the region (to date, over 150 collections of treasure and 10,000 individual coins).

Who created the first coins? Which gods or emperors were shown on Roman currency? What did the first bankers do? And what about the region’s numismatic history? These questions and many others are answered in the exhibitions organised every year by the museum.

Educational workshops for schools and groups of children offer participants the chance to make moulds or create seals and parchments.


Place de la Riponne 6, 3e niveau
CH-1014 Lausanne

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