Vaud Zoology Museum

Vaud Zoology Museum

The Vaud Zoology Museum has occupied the neo-Florentine building of the Palais de Rumine in the centre of Lausanne since 1909. The south wing includes animals from around the world, notably the biggest stuffed great white shark in the world, weighing in at 5.89 metres!

In the main gallery, the free permanent exhibition systematically presents the main groups of vertebrates, while the comparative anatomy room has an impressively detailed display of skeletons and specimens in jars.

Finally, the entomological collections (insects) are most certainly the high point of the museum. Visitors find the fascinating world of ants particularly interesting. The museum has gained a reputation for Myrmecology (study of ants) since 1982, with the arrival of several pioneering researchers.

The museum’s cinema offers kids’ documentaries on subjects as varied as polar bears, dinosaurs, volcanoes or the tropical forest. The icing on the cake is the ability to organise birthday parties with treasure trails and a little film as a bonus!


Palais de Rumine Place de la Riponne 6
CH-1014 Lausanne

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