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Poï invites Abstral Compost – sound poetry, Bellefontaine Terrace

Jun 24, 2019
Lausanne - Autre

Poï brings its season of poetry evenings to a close on the terrace of the Bellefontaine car park, with poet and slammer AbSTRAL compost

Poï is an association that organises oral poetry events: sound poetry, poetry performance, spoken word. Poï presents evenings with a poet according to a two-part – practical and theoretical – tempo: a performance followed by a discussion on the invited poet’s approach. Poï is attached to poetry of the voice, sound and orality, at the crossroads of literature, music and plastic/performing arts. Poï is a nomadic association that organises evenings in various places: cafés, galleries, cultural centres, independent bookshops, here and elsewhere. Poï was founded in November 2017 by Gaël Bandelier, Alain Freudiger and Clotilde Wuthrich.

AbSTRAL compost advocates a living, rhythmed poetry. A noise music approach that plays on discordances between meaning and sound, the meaning of the spoken sound, the sound of the chanted meaning. Random reading performances of impulsive and sonic, almost synaptic writings, words linked to ideas, like some sort of automatism or verbal slackness, meeting of letters and alphabets, with no eraser or other substitute, paradox of the post-written and the irrepressible pronouncement, fragile, sometimes collapsible and retractable.


Parking de Bellefontaine
CH-1000 Lausanne

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