Art and culture

The cultural city of Lausanne is multifaceted and vibrant: from Vidy to Vallon and on to Flon and Malley, great names and discoveries accompany you throughout your cultural getaways. Every day, you can choose from a score of museums, over thirty performance venues and a multitude of festivals.

  • Museums

    The museums in Lausanne are steeped in history. Their exhibitions leave a lasting impression on visitors and are known far and wide.

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  • Dance

    There is something miraculous about the fact that a city of 130,000 inhabitants is so delighted to celebrate the performing arts, above all dance.

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  • Music

    Lausanne offers a multitude of scenes dedicated to music, to every kind of music.

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  • Theater

    The theatre has been present for centuries in the Vaudois capital, where Voltaire had his plays performed before a cosmopolitan audience.

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  • Auditoria

    Large or small, intimate or famous, there is an abundance of theatres of every kind in Lausanne and the surrounding area.

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  • Architecture and historic buildings

  • Cinemas

    All forms of cinema are welcomed in Lausanne. There are traditional cinemas, alternative locations and multiplexes, of course, but also festivals throughout the year.

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  • Exhibitions in Lausanne

    Lausanne positively sparkles with the intensity of its cultural activities and bristles with exhibitions of every kind and always of superb quality.

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