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What to do in autumn in Lausanne?

Lausanne, Olympic Capital, nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva, is the perfect destination for a cultural weekend filled with emotions and discoveries all year long. Autumn is no exception and with it comes a range of cultural events, exhibitions and experiences as unique as they are authentic.

Discover our list of top 5 things that absolutely need to be done in autumn in Lausanne

1. Practise sports

Not for nothing is Lausanne the Olympic Capital! The many events dedicated to sports prove it:

2. Feast your eyes

This autumn, don’t miss the opening of Plateforme 10, the new arts district located 10 minutes from the train station, and head towards the Pully Art Museum to discover their new exhibition.

3. Eat lots of delicious food

We discover traditional dishes with this selection of restaurants:

4. Chill out

For that, we enjoy one of the city’s spas.

5. Walk in the Lavaux vineyards

Autumn is THE best season to visit the Lavaux vineyards.