From 18 Jun 2021 to 23 Jan 2022


Palais de Rumine
Rumine blow hot and cold : Joint exhibition of the science and history museums, in collaboration with the Cité des Sciences in Paris.
Winter cruelty, a cold shower or an icy look : the cold often brings back negative emotions. However, since antiquity, ice and snow have been preserved to garnish iceboxes and to give ourselves the luxury of a sorbet... The 19th century saw the invention of machines for making cold. for new uses : food, energy, the environment or health. This exhibition, partially resumed from the Cité des Sciences in Paris, takes you on a journey of discovery of the multiple facets of cold, natural or manufactured.


Palais de Rumine
Place de la Riponne 6
1005 Lausanne


+41 21 316 33 10

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From 18 Jun 2021 to 23 Jan 2022
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