The 03 Jul 2021

Quatuor Tuorka

La Jetée de la Compagnie et le Minimum
Thelonica – Musics at dawn
The Jetée de la Compagnie and the Minimum
Thelonica – Musics at dawn
With Beethoven and Janáček, dawn will break on classical notes, interpreted by the promising new generation of musicians forming the Tuorka Quartet. Together since 2014 and winners of the Swiss Youth Music Competition 2018, Tuorka is training successfully with renowned altoist Hans Egidi.
Arthur Trælnes and Alexis Mauritz, violins
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La Jetée de la Compagnie et le Minimum
Quai du Vent-Blanc
1007 Lausanne




The 03 Jul 2021

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At 6am
Duration: 1h00
In case of rain, postponed until the following day, information on the website the day before

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