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Bio C Bon

This shop specialises in products from organic agriculture.
You will find it underneath the station where it offers a wide array of organic products - fruit and vegetables, cereals, oils, dairy products, cosmetics and naturopathy products, to mention just a few. The choice of unpackaged products is wide and includes pasta, rice, cornflakes, grains, chickpeas and much more. Their ambition: to make organic products available to everyone.


Boulevard de Grancy 8
1006 Lausanne


021 616 00 00


What the Lausanners think
«In the heart of the neighbourhood below the train station, this shop offers all the products you’ll find in a supermarket – but everything is organic! The “bulk” section where you can fill paper bags with nuts, grains, tea and spices is particularly interesting.»
Victoria, the green smoothie
Victoria, the green smoothie
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