Enquête Crystal Hôtel (escape game)

Hôtel Crystal
140 chf
Discover the Crystal Hotel Investigation, the new revisited escape game (in French only). The hotel manager needs you to find his father’s murderer.
Useful information


Hôtel Crystal
Rue Chaucrau 5
1003 Lausanne

How to get there

During the week - 6 people

240 chf

During the week - 5 people

225 chf

During the week - 4 people

200 chf

During the week - 3 people

180 chf

During the week - 2 people

140 chf

During the weekend – 6 people

300 chf

During the weekend – 5 people

275 chf

During the weekend – 4 people

240 chf

During the weekend – 3 people

210 chf

During the weekend – 2 people

180 chf

This activity is only in French and bookings are online.

The escape game is not open all year round as it offers an exclusive investigation over a short period of time.

More info
In the town centre of Lausanne, come and investigate the murder of the Crystal Hotel’s former manager. You will need all your resourcefulness as well as your friends, colleagues, partner or family to get to the bottom of this gruesome murder. From 2 to 6 players, come and discover this thrilling adventure that unfolds over an area of more than 200 square metres, with 7 enigmatic rooms.

The current hotel manager calls on you to shed light on this dismal story… You are a member of the Alpha Agency, famous for having solved close to 50 investigations.

It could be said of you that you are superstars in Lausanne, since no mystery stands in your way. Nevertheless, you hide a dark secret… One unsolved investigation spoils your track record: the masked killer. He is the only criminal who has slipped through your fingers – many times round!
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