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In the Chailly district of Lausanne, a touch of Provence illuminates the smile of the crew, the flavours of the dishes and the regularly updated cocktail card that is worthy of the best downtown bars.
For a dish of the day at lunchtime (varied choice at a reasonable price), for an aperitif with tapas and cocktails or for a tasty evening meal: L’Oustau is a place to discover. The famous GaultMillau guide seems to be of the same opinion. It awarded 13 points to the restaurant in upper Lausanne.

The owners Mina, Thomas and Grégory have chosen this name, which means “inn” in Provençal and sets the tone. Indeed, the two men met at the hotel school of Marseille. They met again at the Lausanne Palace a few years later, where Thomas perfected his skills with Chef Egard Bovier and Grégory made his incomparable cocktails. L’Oustau now draws fans of flavours of the South and creative cocktails. In a relaxed atmosphere, guests savour a delicious fish soup, original risotti and perfectly cooked meats served with vegetables that deserve more than the name “side dish”.


Avenue de Chailly 21
1012 Lausanne


+41 21 653 03 28



From 01 Jan 2020 to 31 Dec 2020