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4 exhibitions to be seen now

The Lausanner
The Lausanner
February 25, 2020

4th Art Brut Biennal – Theatre

The world of theatre is present in all its forms and represented in very diverse works: costumes, videos, photographs, drawings, paintings, masks, sculptures, puppets… All of that in a highly colourful world. There is really something for everyone! The 4th Art Brut Biennial showcases 28 creators from all walks of life, which makes it an extremely rich and surprising exhibition.

Dunya Hirschter

Reinhold Metz

We all agree that Art Brut works are often surprising (in a good way!). This may be due to the fact that those who practise this form of art are often outsiders, sometimes with a truly rebellious spirit! Indeed, we owe the concept of Outsider Art to French painter Jean Dubuffet who, in 1945, decided to create a collection of works created by mental hospital inmates. In Art Brut works, the conventional does not exist and artists don’t follow a well-trodden path, which is why some pieces may astonish us… One thing is for sure: Outsider Art leaves no one indifferent! As for us, we love being surprised and setting off to discover this world in a magnificent exhibition.

Guy Brunet

If you visit the 4th Art Brut Biennial, don’t miss the permanent exhibition! Among the displayed works, August Walla’s very large canvas is particularly impressive. This Austrian artist was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in 1970, and it is there that he drew and practised his art. Drawing and writing are both present in his works, which often illustrates imaginary deities. Head to the second floor of the exhibition to admire the canvas!

August Walla

Until August 30, 2020
Entrance fees

Paris en fête – Pull Museum of Art

The French capital is at the heart of this new exhibition with paintings dating back to the end of the 19th to the middle of the 20th century… They represent Paris as a free, festive and Bohemian city, and this really comes across in the pictures! In the course of the visit, we discover extremely colourful paintings; we directly experience the lively and merry aspect of life in the town as it is communicated by the artists! And we are completely amazed by these works in which we’d almost like to be transported.

For instance, we would love to bask in the armchair of this painting, while listening to some good music from the times.

Raoul Dufy

Among the displayed works, we particularly notice those of French artist Raoul Dufy; colourful and gay, they do a wonderful job of representing the “joie de vivre” of the Belle Epoque and the roaring twenties in Paris! Don’t miss the painting called ”Paris and the Eiffel Tower” that is well worth your time!

Raoul Dufy

At the end of the exhibition, it’s impossible to miss the huge photography of Paul Eluard and his wife, Nusch Eluard. Alongside it is a poem by Paul Eluard dated 1942 and entitled “Liberty”, a perfect fit for Parisian life!

This visit has given us the urge to book a train ticket to Paris, pronto!

Until July 26, 2020
Entrance fees

Under the Skin. Vienna 1900 – MCBA

The new exhibition organised in the Plateforme 10 arts district is for sure one of the unmissable events of the year 2020! The Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts is inaugurating a brand-new temporary exhibition that highlights 20th-century Viennese artists. To make the most of it, go on a Tuesday or a Sunday, when a guided tour (in French) is included in the price of the ticket!

First of all, when we go to Plateforme 10, we are awed from the start: we can’t get enough of its magnificent entrance hall! And it’s even better when the sun is shining.

After the short photo session in the entrance (it’s so beautiful we simply have to!), we’re ready to discover “Under the Skin”. The 180 works presented in this new exhibition focus on the skin (hence the title!) and were created in the context of major evolutions in the medical sciences. To tempt you, here are some of the painters included in the exhibition: Klimt, Schiele, Kokoshka… No less!


We did enjoy being surprised by the exhibition’s exceptional works! In the course of the visit, we explored the museum’s rooms, organised according to six distinct sections:

1. Blank Skins
2. Colourful Skins
3. Under the Skin
4. Around the Skin
5. Space and Skin
6. Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Pssst: Our favourites are the colourful and graphic works by Kokoshka, particularly the one entitled “Standing girl in vines”; to see it, go to the Blank Skins section (first floor!).


To end the visit on a high, take a look at the museum shop! It would be a pity to leave without a small souvenir of that fantastic visit…

Until August 23, 2020
Entrance fees

Extraordinaire! – mudacmudac

Don’t panic if you missed it – you can still visit the exhibition “Extraordinaire!” at mudac (Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts)… particularly as it’s the last opportunity before mudac moves to Plateforme 10, Lausanne’s new arts district.

So, head for the Place de la Cathédrale to visit this exhibition where you will find everyday objects re-imagined and full of surprises. Items from the kitchen, drawing room, library and even the garage – everything is there.

Until August 30, 2020
Entrance fees

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