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Lausanne for athletes

May 14, 2020

Lausanne has all it takes to be THE town for sports lovers. First thanks to its status of Olympic Capital and the presence of the IOC. And foremost thanks to its topography, as the town is built on three hills that create a unique relief.

Major events

Running has a place of honour in Lausanne, with various major events dedicated to it.

The famous 20km de Lausanne, and its magnificent course between lake and City offers a new way of discovering the town. A popular run that attracts almost as many participants as onlookers. Amateurs and professionals rub shoulders on the start line.

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The Marathon de Lausanne and the Course Olympique  are two other important events for runners.

If you’re fond of great distances, the Lausanne-Geneva Trail is the challenge for you. With a 120-km course and 4,000 metres of elevation, it’s best to be well trained. Thankfully, shorter distances are also planned to allow a larger public to take part.

If you’re more interested in sharing a fun moment with friends, we suggest without hesitation the Colour Run and Wake up and Run, that beginners will also enjoy.


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All year round, many diverse sports activities can be practised in the town.

As soon as the days get warmer, pedal boats take to the water in Ouchy, stand-up paddleboards hit the lake in Vidy and the beach volleyball courts see lots of action.

The Lausanne-sur-Mer event organised during the summer at the Vidy Pyramids offers every year the opportunity to try various sports. You can even learn to swim like a mermaid!


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The traditional Parcours Vita is a good way of getting a breath of fresh air by the lake as well as a full-body workout while clearing your mind.

If speed is your thing, head to the Skate park hall Sévelin. Skaters or boarders, pick your side and have fun!

The Olympic Museum

If you love sport, you can’t miss out on a visit to the famous Olympic Museum when you’re in Lausanne. It focuses on the pillars of Olympism and celebrates men and women athletes. An ultra-modern museum that is packed with interactive facilities and beautiful images

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Our go-to addresses for healthy eating

For many years now, a balanced diet has been a hot topic and things are no different in Lausanne. You can find many tasty and healthy options in the Olympic Capital. Here are a few:

The latest addition to the food scene, La Pause offers delicious pokebowls. Healthy and scrumptious. Who hasn’t given in yet to the latest trend from Asia?


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At Green Gorilla, you’ll also find the famous Asian bowls as well as other dishes based on superfoods to eat healthily and turbocharging juices.


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In the heart of Fnac nestles the Culture Café. A go-to address that you wouldn’t expect in a large store. And yet it offers dishes based on cereals served with seasonal vegetables, together with eggs, chicken, fish or beef for protein.


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The Takinoa concept is based on 100% natural ingredients. You can eat in or take away dishes that are free of preservatives, food colourings, additives, butter and refined sugar, but with taste! Amateurs of salads and wraps, head to Luncheonette. Prepared to order with regional ingredients, their dishes always make our mouths water.


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All these must-go eateries will give you the energy you need to roam Lausanne during its wide-ranging sports events.

Lausanne, Olympic Capital, has all it takes for sports lovers, but doesn’t only cater for the latter. Even if you’re not a sports fan, the town itself provides great exercise and there is nothing better than to explore it on foot.

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