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Lausanne : Café, restaurants, … new trendy places

July 7, 2020

In Lausanne, new café and restaurants open all the time. Here are some of the new places you should try in Lausanne.

Bongusto Italiano

You no longer need to travel to the homeland of la dolce vità to taste a coffee worthy of this name! At Bongusto Italiano, Italy comes to you – discover the genuine flavours of espresso, cappuccino, macchiato and ristretto coffee. We even offer typical Italian specialities that you’ll love – like cornetto al pistacchio and delicious sfogliatella pastries.

Avenue du Théâtre 7, 1005 Lausanne


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The menu was compiled by Alexis Le Tadic, the two-star Sardinian chef, and offers traditional Sardinian food with a refined and modern twist. The gourmet dishes are served in trendy but simple surroundings – and, weather permitting, the large terrace will tempt you to eat in the open air. As an aperitif we can never resist the impressive range of gins (more than 40) offered by the restaurant.

Rue de la Barre 5, 1005 Lausanne


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Lucha Libre

For a side trip to Latin America you don’t have to travel further than Lucha Libre bar-restaurant. The relaxed atmosphere can be experienced as much in the restaurant’s colourful décor as its delicious food. We fall for the ceviche or quesilladas every time – and be sure to accompany them down with a cuba libre or piña colada. A guaranteed fun atmosphere!

Place de l’Ours 1, 1005 Lausanne


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Le Meraki


Le Meraki’s preoccupation is to demonstrate its passion for a friendly reception for its customers by serving them with delicious Greek food to be savoured in good company. Aubergine caviar, mezze, souvlakis and vine leaves all feature on a menu ready to whisk you off to the land of blue and white houses. At le Meraki you can also take the opportunity to challenge your friends from upstairs to a lively board game (we always choose “Werewolf” – an absolute must!).

Place de la Riponne 10, 1005 Lausanne


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This vegetarian restaurant aims to use seasonal products and to work with local producers in their preparation. And this adds even more flavour to the delicious dishes prepared with passion by the chef! Whether you indulge in the quiche of the day, the vegetarian burger or the vegan brownie, you’re sure to enjoy it.

Rue de Bourg 11, 1003 Lausanne

Street Kitchen

Street Kitchen is a blend of Asian and European flavours in a café with a decor that makes you travel. The menu changes according to the season, but always remains varied: between noodles, salads, sandwiches, banana breads or homemade cookies, there is no shortage of choices!
Rue Centrale 25, 1003 Lausanne


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In a simple and relaxed atmosphere reminiscent of bistros in Stockholm and Copenhagen, pride of Äta is given to smørrebrød, traditional open-faced sandwiches. Thin slices of home-made rye bread with a generous filling. Delicious! The products are Swiss, to boot!
Avenue de Rumine 22, 1005 Lausanne

Valentine Thurnherr Valentine Thurnherr

Coffee Page

Coffee Page has a cosy and trendy atmosphere: its parquet floor, marble tables and high bookcase make you want to take refuge there. There is a wide choice of coffees, to be enjoyed with a slice of homemade cake. What’s more, the products used in this café-library are local and ethical!
Rue du Midi 20, 1003 Lausanne


The Officine has recently opened in the Flon District. This meat-eating lair offers brasserie dishes, such as beef tartare. The Officine also serves tapas to go with their home-brewed beer as well as a broad choice of drinks. A new place to be discovered without delay!
Quartier du Flon


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With its 140 years of history, the Bavaria is an institution in Lausanne. The brasserie reopens at last after several months of renovation works. Beef tartare, sauerkraut and other brasserie dishes are on the menu of the Bavaria 2.0. For regulars, though, no worries: the Paulaner beer is still on offer!
Rue du Petit-Chêne 10, 1003 Lausanne


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This small restaurant is nestled in the heart of Lausanne and offers a small but efficient menu featuring the essentials of Italian cuisine: pizzas, pasta and tasty desserts. A place full of light in the modern, uncluttered style in vogue today. Authenticity and simplicity are the Cipollino’s bywords and we love that!
Passage Saint-François 2, 1003 Lausanne


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Auberge de Beaulieu

A large outdoors terrace, multicoloured picnic tables and a trendy design are the ingredients that make the Auberge de Beaulieu the new place to be. The best way to enjoy this so perfectly balanced restaurant is to share a few small dishes with a glass of wine while putting the world to rights.
Avenue Bergières 15, 1004 Lausanne


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Located at Rue Neuve 11 in Lausanne, Racines is a small vegan café that opened end of 2018. This family business, already present at the Riponne market, offers vegan dishes prepared from fresh, organic and local produce, to be eaten in or taken away.

Racines Lausanne Racines Lausanne

Alegria Concept

Lausanne now boasts a new delicatessen: Alegria Concept. Located at Place St-François, the deli offers Iberian products such as wine, Iberian ham, chorizo, honey, smoked fish, as well as takeaway ham sandwiches (yummy!). A new place to discover as soon as you can, and that will soon offer platters and a glass of wine for aperitif. We’re looking forward to that!

Moreover, the managers give loads of good advice!

Green Gorilla

Plants hanging from the ceiling, wooden furniture, do-it-yourself Poke Bowls, smoothies, salads and granolas, Green Gorilla is the new “green” café at the Grand-Pont in Lausanne. Although it opened recently, it already is a meeting place for lovers of healthy food, with a bright and welcoming setting. Green Gorilla is the new trendy spot for a healthy snack or a productive afternoon around a coffee.

We love the décor – and their coffees, of course!

Green Gorilla Lausanne Green Gorilla Lausanne
Green Gorilla Lausanne Green Gorilla Lausanne

L’impression Café

A Scandinavian setting, a good choice of dishes and a small terrace that awaits only the sun? It’s got to be L’impression Café, the new café-restaurant at Avenue Louis Ruchonnet in Lausanne. A short walk from the train station, L’impression Café welcomes you for an eat-in or take-away lunch, coffee or a weekend brunch. With soups, sandwiches, salads, toast with avocado, quiches, toasted sandwiches, daily specials and vegetarian dishes on offer, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

PS: The welcome is warm and you’re going to have a good time!

Le Loxton

Le Loxton, a new restaurant opened by the Pointu’s team and blogger Sofia Clara, now welcomes you at Rue du Pont 22. Breakfast, lunch, supper, cocktails, brunches and soon take-aways, Le Loxton awaits you in a modern and cosy atmosphere, whatever the time of day. With homemade dishes and a highly original décor, the Pointu’s brigade has once again surpassed itself. Don’t hesitate, open the door of the former Karma to discover this brand new Lausanne address. You’ll not want to leave, that’s for sure!

Perroquet Bar&Kitchen

The Rôtillon neighbourhood welcomes a strange new kind of bird: the Perroquet (Parrot). Here, styles and genres blend. While some eat quietly inside, the alley in front of the Perroquet becomes a spot for lively discussions, thanks to the small benches and tables set up in front of the restaurant’s window.

No sooner opened, the parrot’s cage had found its customer base. It’s THE place for people in their thirties who enjoy a meal with a drink. Even the kitchen is a melting pot of influences from the world over: acai bowls in the morning, foccaccie at lunchtime and bao buns in the evening. Coffee roasting, beer brewing, syrups… A great many products are homemade.

As for the décor, it’s another successful blend of vintage, tropical, Victorian and colonial styles. Amongst the flowered tapestry and trinkets from flea markets, you can feel the cosy atmosphere as soon as you step into this new bar.

PS: On Saturdays and Sundays, the Perroquet opens in the morning for brunches as simple as they are good, and at reasonable prices (around 15 francs). Worth trying!


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Ça passe crème

Forget everything you knew about coffee! Ça passe crème is the home of coffee tasting and it promises to awaken your taste buds.

Espresso is served there doppio in a cup designed to let you savour the subtlety of the flavours. It’s not surprising that wine amateurs rush there, according to the two managers, Steeve et Davide. And they won’t be shy about introducing you to this art form. Furthermore, their small refreshment bar is very cosy in its retro style. You sit on benches and drawers serve as small tables.

PS: The menu of Ça passe crème is a great excuse to offer your friends a coffee: cappuccino, latte, chai, teas, as well as syrups and pastries.

Oh and the coffee blends change often, giving you a good excuse to get in touch with your friends every month.


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We knew about the Ouchy Pirates; they have now been joined by the Flon pirates and their tavern, Barberousse (Barbarossa). As soon as you walk through the door, you find yourself in a completely different world. The décor, bringing to mind a ship’s hold, promises a festive evening. Not for nothing does the bar open towards the end of the day and specialise in afterworks.

Even the landlord will tell you: don’t go there to drink coffee! Here, the specialty is rum, as 48 flavours of arranged rum – macerated with fruit – are on offer. Apricot, nougat, vanilla, … Enough for a trip to the Caribbean (don’t forget sustenance with the platters). To be enjoyed in moderation, of course. For thrill seekers, try the Smoke on the water. That’s all we’re saying…

PS: If you need reassurance, Barberousse runs a responsible ship. Proof of that is their idea of the dry Angel Shot.

Café Louve

A place for a morning croissant? Café Louve. A cosy sofa for an early afternoon coffee? Café Louve again. A terrace for an after-work aperitif? Once more Café Louve. A bar counter to put the world to rights in the evening? Yes, over and again, Café Louve.

It’s this simple: with its opening hours (8 am to 11.45 pm during the week, 8 am to 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays), this café-bar is versatile. The kind of place you enjoy going to when you’re wandering in the town centre, without being able to put your finger on why your steps take you there, since everything is nice. The menu is classical, the room very comfortable and the terrace perfectly located.

The locally brewed beers La Nébuleuse are served there, on a counter that’s just as local (the interior décor is signed by Lausanne designer Julia Christ). Café Louve in a nutshell? A safe bet.


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PS: Café Louve, on Place Pépinet, is the perfect place to dive into the latest book you bought. Soon, you’ll be able to savour a menu enriched with fresh salads and other quick dishes. Premium coffees should also be available soon. Oh, and in winter, the terrace is heated.

XIIIème Siècle and its new terrace

13: the number might symbolise bad luck, but the bar has been bringing joy to Lausanne people since 1971. While just about every Swiss citizen has his own cellar, Lausanne has a legendary basement, with this bar/club frequented by entire generations of revellers.

Since the spring of 2018, the XIII emerges from its beautiful cellar (stacked stones and exposed beams) and welcomes visitors of the Cité on its new terrace with a view on the Cathedral! While the bar opens at 4 pm, regulars will be reassured to learn that not all has changed. The dancefloor is still there. As well as an extensive drinks list, there are hearty dishes and platters to eat, which will soon be available as from lunchtime. Perfect for an afterwork, a drink with friends or to dance the night away.


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PS: Taste the cocktails, they’re to die for!

L’instant B

L’instant B is the new street food restaurant, situated on Rue du Petit-Chêne 11. The perfect place to enjoy a coffee, a beer or to taste one of their delicious burger in a trendy atmosphere.

P.S. You should definitely taste the burger “Le feuilleté”.


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Pancs, Lausanne

Pancs in Lausanne is the place to go if you want to enjoy delicious salty or sweet pancakes and crepes. A yummy break in a cosy place, don’t wait any longer to discover this new trendy address in Lausanne.


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Bottle Brothers Lausanne

Bottle Brothers Lausanne opened few weeks ago at Place Pépinet in Lausanne. Under the famous sign ” Café des Philosophes “, the new cocktail bar and restaurant is waiting for you. A sunny terrace, tapas and cocktails, you will find everything you need for a great afterwork. You will love this new and trendy place for sur!

Bottle Brothers Lausanne ©MyLausanne Bottle Brothers Lausanne ©MyLausanne


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PerBacco!, a new italian restaurant, is situated in the heart of the colorful district Rôtillon in Lausanne. Come inside and discover the north of Italy. Authentic cuisine and homemade dishes in a friendly atmosphere, you will definitely have a great time with your friend or family. Let’s go!

PerBacco! Lausanne ©MyLausanne PerBacco! Lausanne ©MyLausanne

Chez Tof, chemin de Maillefer 145

The new restaurant Chez Tof is a great place for apertifs or to enjoy a meal with some friends. The chief cook Christophe serves a delicious brasserie kitchen during lunch and dinner. As we walk through the door, we discover an incredible industrial decoration and the staff give us a warm welcome. Enjoy the trendy atmosphere and the great menu. 🙂

P.S. You must definitely try the Tof Burger !

Le Lacustre

In Lausanne, everybody knows Le Lacustre, this restaurant on the shores of Lake Geneva. And so what? Le Lacustre has recently changed owners. New decoration, trendy atmosphere, great menu, you will love the new “Le Lacustre”, that is for sure.

P.S. You cannot leave without a piece of  homemade apple pie. Trust us ! 😉

Le Lacustre ©MyLausanne Le Lacustre ©MyLausanne

You must definitely try their syrup, they are delicious !

Sleepy Bear Coffee

The Sleepy Bear Coffee is the new place to be for coffee Lovers in Lausanne. Espresso, Cortado, Cappucino, Café Latte, Americano, Chai Latte, Cold Brew … on site or take away. Every Sleepy bear of Lausanne will find the perfect bewerage that will wake them up. ? A wooden shack, in the middle of the town, where you could meet just for a coffee or tea.

La Mise en bière, Tour 14 Street

Did you know the shop  La Mise en bière? Now Mise en bière is also a bar that you will love if you like beers. In this bar, that opened in November, you can taste more than 32 beers (Yes, we said 32!), and buy more than 500 beers in the shop just next doors. So hurry up, it is opened from Tuesday to Sunday until 10 p.m.

Mise en Bière, Lausanne ©MyLausanne Mise en Bière, Lausanne ©MyLausanne
Mise en Bière, Lausanne ©MyLausanne Mise en Bière, Lausanne ©MyLausanne

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