Jenya, the adventure traveller

I have always traveled a lot around the world, exploring new places in the hope of finding the one where my heart belongs. I could not be more happy to call Lausanne my home for the last 6 years. Originally moving here as a Master's student in International Marketing at HEC UNIL I fell in love with this vibrant city bursting with energy, passion for sports, technological novelty, and unique creativity. And the Outdoor culture is just on a whole new level here, in the heart of the Alpes! Thanks to that I started my Instagram page to share unique locations in Switzerland and to document the adventures with my 4-legs best friend and adventure companion - Luna. We explore hidden gems, chase thrilling experiences, and share practical tips for your own escapades. Let's wander together.
« Lausanne for me… is a city for every mood - from joyful with all the festivals to dreamy with panoramic cozy picnics at the lake. It is the perfect base for all the adventures outdoors and a heart-warming place that I am always waiting to come back home to. »

My recommendations

Relax and soak in the chaise longue after an adventurous day and meet a stunning sunset with your friends on a viby panoramic terrace of Le Perchoir. One of the cozziest places in Lausanne nested on the roof of the unique Vortex building (a must-visit for architecture lovers ). Views of the Lake Leman, Alpes and Jura mountains and great cocktails - what can be better to recharge your batteries? May be only a collection of the boardgames that they have at your disposal.
If you are a foodie in a search of new tastes - run, don't go! Place filled with full-of-heart Georgian hospitality and unforgettably tasty traditional recipies - Khachapuri, Satsivi, Khinkali - you will feel teleported to Georgia and will not want to leave. My personally beloved: Adjarian Khachapuri - don't forget to mix in the egg.
oh Gelato, Gelato - how much taste and happiness are in this word? This tiny gelateria is a hidden gem located right at Ouchy and is a perfect place to indulge yourself with unique flavors of their Gelato. There you can find not only traditional but also Swiss-inspired flavors - Double crème et Meringue, goat cheese with honey, pêche de vigne. Take an ice cream served in a fresh waffle, sit on one of the benches and enjoy the panorama of Lake Leman.
Unique museum based in Lausanne filled with creativity and freedom of expression. All the works are crafted by self-taught artists, non-conformists with a rebellious spirit or those impervious to the collective norms and values.
About TOM Café
This place is a must visit when in Lausanne. Believe me it is fun at any age, educational and inspiring. The Museum offers 3,000m2 of exhibition space and unique immersive experience - for instance, can you compete with the speed of Usain Bolt on 100m? What I love about this place is that there is always some additional temporary exhibitions that are free of charge - now it is "Free to run" dedicated to the history of Marathon running. The visit continues throughout the park territory around the museum and if you come here in March you can be lucky to see the most beautiful Cherry trees alley in Lausanne in full pink blossom. After a visit I advise you to have a coffee or lunch at Tom Café on the last floor - it has a jaw dropping view on the Olympic Park and lake.
Take a tour around the Campus of two main Lausanne Universities - UNIL and EPFL. The campus is located in the idyllic place on the shore of the lake. Start from EPFL with its futuristic design and slowly stroll towards nature-inspired UNIL campus. Make a stop to visit EPFL Learning Center - Rolex Library and get your opinion if its form reminds you of a Swiss cheese or mountains. Finish your tour with UNIL tree alley leading you to the lake where students are usually chilling after classes.
Start at the Grandvaux train station and hike through picture-perfect Lavaux vineyards, a treasure nestled in the heart of Switzerland. With terraced vineyards that cascade down the slopes of Lake Leman, this UNESCO World Heritage Site presents a breathtaking panorama that blends nature's artistry with the craftsmanship of winemaking. Embark on a journey through time as you stroll on the paths among the meticulously tended vines. Let Lavaux's rich history and exquisite flavors captivate your palate and soul. Tip: Take some Swiss cheese, Swiss knife and baguette and make a picnic with a view savoring the finest wine produced by this unique microclimate.