Abbaye de Montheron

Auberge de l'Abbaye de Montheron

Magnífico restaurante situado en el bosque del Jorat, perfecto para una caminata antes o después de la comida, a 20 minutos de Lausana, muy buena cocina y terraza agradable. Fuego de chimenea en invierno.

To find the Abbaye de Montheron, you have to leave Lausanne and venture into the vast, mysterious forest of the Jorat. In this place full of legends, Rafael Rodriguez, David Donneaud and Romano Hasenauer have pulled off their idea to perfection: to combine the simplicity of local products with the creativity of top-class cuisine, which earned them 15 points in the GaultMillau. After training with the greatest chefs of Paris, Barcelona and Gerona, Chef Rafael Rodriguez spread his wings to this part of the world and his joyous cuisine reflects his vision.

His day at Montheron begins with meeting producers and farmers delivering their seasonal produce. To prepare this, the restaurant owners experiment, invent and rediscover culinary techniques from the Middle Ages, in homage to the historic setting of the restaurant. The results are unique: horn-of-plenty crumble, lentils in a sauce made from raisinée, rose-flavoured custard, etc.


Route de l'Abbaye 2
CH-1053 Lausanne

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