Entrée du Théâtre de l'Arsenic à Lausanne
Bâtiment du Théâtre de l'Arsenic.

Théâtre Arsenic

The Arsenic is closed to the public until April 30.
Every year, from September to June, original productions and international contemporary works grace the stage of the Arsenic Theatre. This experimental venue chose an area near Le Flon, a trendy part of Lausanne’s city centre, as its location.

A multidisciplinary venue, the Théâtre Arsenic offers a programme of theatre, dance and performing arts and is dedicated to regional contemporary productions as well as research. The willingness to take a risk characterises its eclectic programming. Since its creation, the Théâtre Arsenic has promoted a generation of artistes who can be regularly seen on Swiss and European stages.

To share its message and create bonds, the Théâtre Arsenic organises public discussion forums alongside a number of performances, as well as workshops and seminars. There are also theatrical workshops for children between the ages of 6 and 12.


Rue de Genève 57
CH-1004 Lausanne

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