Coronavirus: situation in Lausanne

Lausanne, tourist destination, and its partners commit to implement all the necessary sanitary measures linked to the coronavirus pandemic to make sure you enjoy a pleasant stay in the best small city in the world.



Situation in Switzerland


Below is a summary of the safeguards to keep your health safe.


Wearing a protective mask is obliged :

– in all public transports

– in all cafes, bars and restaurants

– in all public accessible buildings (stores, supermarkets, theatres, concert halls, musuems, hotels, cinemas, churches, public authorities, etc.).

Here below are some more detailed information :

  • In all cafes, bars, restaurants and game rooms wearing a mask is compulsory for all staff and clients while standing and walking around (inside and on the terrace), as well while playing games (snooker, gaming, etc). Consuming beverages or food while standing is forbidden, these are only allowed while being seated. Establishements must adopt a reliable identification process, approved by its umbrella association.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory inside all buildings open to the public (theatres, concert halls, museums, expositions, libraries, administration centers, cinemas, public areas in hotels, houses of worship, etc.)
  • A mask is compulsory in public transport all the time
  • Private events (weddings, funerals, etc.) are forbidden with more then 100 participants. As of 50 participants, wearing a mask is compulsory and the organisers need to have a list with all persons identified.
  • In schools, wearing a mask for teachers is compulsory unless they can keep a distance of minimum 1.5m during the lessons. For the school children a mask is obliged in all schools equivalent as of the age of 4. In children daycare and afterschool care facilities, adults must wear a mask if social distancing can’t be respected.
  • Until the end of September events with more then 1000 participants aren’t allowed. These are allowed again as of October 1st under certain circumstances.
  • Quarantine is obliged when coming from an identified area of risk.