Au Canard Pékinois

Cucina cantonese autentica di Hong-Kong. Decorazione carina, un piccolo ruscello artificiale scorre nel ristorante, con pesci vivi.
Established in a modern building in the Chauderon district of Lausanne, the Canard Pékinois has been welcoming lovers of Chinese food since 1996, or rather lovers of the Cantonese specialities of Hong Kong. The restaurant is prettily decorated with a little bridge and a transparent floor through which you can catch a glimpse of koi carp. A tea and coffee area provides a delicious lunch break.

The speciality of this restaurant with its 13 Gault Millau points is, of course, roast Peking duck, made from a recipe with 21 stages, leaving the flesh tender and the skin crispy. The meat is traditionally accompanied by steamed pancakes and leeks. But that is hardly the full extent of the menu, as it offers a vast choice. Fortunately, tradition allows for several different dishes to be ordered for the whole table, so that one may taste other signature dishes such as the chicken with basil and home-made dim sum ravioli. As one might expect, meals are accompanied by exceptional teas. Such a selection can be found in no other Chinese restaurant in Switzerland.
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Place Chauderon 16
1003 Lausanne


+41 21 329 03 23


Dalle 01 Gen 2020 alle 31 Dic 2020
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