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Camille, la chasseuse de merveilles

Camille, la chasseuse de merveilles

In addition to being passionate about art and architecture, I also take pictures of everything, all the time, without stopping to think too much. In this regard, a smartphone offers immense freedom and a beautiful sense of spontaneity. Although I love to travel, I never tire of discovering or rediscovering Lausanne, my native city, with its narrow laneways, façades, gardens or different viewpoints. And always on foot or riding my bicycle!
« For me, Lausanne is a close-knit city, young and dynamic, where nature is never far away. I always look forward to the long summer evenings when you can enjoy the lake and picnic in the Lavaux vineyards – definite must-have experiences! »
«From springtime, when nature wakes up gradually, to wintertime, when the new greenhouse offers a welcome shelter among tropical plants, the Botanical Garden is the perfect place for a quiet wander in all seasons.»
Riguardo a Giardino botanico cantonale
«You’ve hardly walked in the door when Steeve and Davide’s friendly welcome immediately puts you in a good mood. On the spot (if you’re lucky enough to find a free table!) or to take away, their latte macchiato softens mornings when it’s difficult to get going.»
«Jewellery, dishware, accessories, small decorative items, second-hand clothes… This boutique with many treasures offers a lovely selection of creators from around here or further afield, and is ideal to buy gifts for our loved ones or ourselves!»
«The dilemma when you reach the counter? Choosing between the thick slices of pizza straight from the oven, the pasta or the focaccias garnished with uber-fresh ingredients! To be savoured ideally in the nearby Mon-Repos Park.»