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Chloé, la family designer

Chloé, la family designer

My name is Chloé Laugier. I’m 31 years old and the mother of two children, Salomé and Achille. I grew up in the countryside around Lyon, in France. After finishing my degree in visual communication and landing my first job at an agency in Paris, my husband and I wanted a change of scenery. It has now been 10 years since we arrived on Swiss soil with our suitcases in tow. The rhythm of our life is guided by a love of design (I’m an artistic director and my husband is an interior designer) and fashion, but also by everything related to the world of children. If you like beautiful things and kid-friendly places, you definitely won't be disappointed here.
« Lausanne, for me, is the city of my heart. This has made me realise that – although I never would have expected it – we would not be able to have this type of life otherwise! This people-friendly city combines everything you could want: intimacy, character, and all the restaurants and shops you need to keep you from ever getting bored. What more could you ask for in terms of a fulfilled and balanced family life? »
«Sundays don’t always mean a lie in… At least for me! As soon as the days get warmer, I enjoy rising (very) early to head towards the Jetée de la Compagnie and a yoga session right on the waterfront… Inspire … expire!»
«After dropping off the children at daycare, I settle down at one of the Coffee Page’s tables. The uncluttered style and decor make me feel like I’m travelling across the Atlantic; in New York to be precise. And although they’re mainly renowned for their coffee, I always have a chai latte. The best in Lausanne!»
«“Ours” metro exit, towards the town centre; and there, on your left, nestling between buildings at the top of the big stairway, a stunning view on the lake and mountains is revealed! I love to admire this so peaceful landscape. And on the way back, I just have to drop in to admire the pretty Ké Ta La boutique… and its gems!»
«What could be better than to meet up with friends on summer evenings, in the garden of the Musée de l’Elysée for an improvised aperitif and to admire the sunset? Sometimes, we even extend the fun and have a delicious pizza from Dieci delivered. Roll on next Friday!»
Riguardo a Parc de l'Elysée