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Pauline, l’exploratrice des délices

Pauline, l’exploratrice des délices

I have a scientific passion and love for the art of baking. I adore carrying out new culinary experiments, even if they're not always conclusive. I also like to travel and discover the world! I have lived in France, Australia and now here I am in Switzerland. Since I’m curious to get to know new countries and their cultures, for me there’s nothing better than spending time with the locals while enjoying good food. I love trying out new cafés and restaurants and capturing the moment by photographing my dishes, immortalising an often fleeting moment of life! I can't wait to share my favourites with you!
« Lausanne for me is an amazing multicultural and dynamic city. The seasons here are well defined and so are the corresponding activities: skiing and eating cheese raclette in winter, hiking and paddling on the lake in summer. There's something for everyone! »
«Cosy café by day, trendy restaurant in the evening. This place is conducive to relaxation with its bistro-style charm, but also with food that holds its own with major restaurants. Their salmon tartare is one of my faves!»
Riguardo a Café de Grancy
«Hungry as a wolf? I suggest you try this crazy brunch! On the menu: English breakfast, avocado toast or burgers, all that served with a plate of pancakes. As an included extra treat: homemade ice tea! Book ahead as it’s very popular!»
«Close to the train station, it’s the perfect place to savour delicious ramen, their signature dish! Pork, beef, chicken or vegetarian, there’s something for everyone. To end on a sweet note, the iced mochis are delish!»
«Want some exoticism with a magnificent view on Lake Geneva? This lakeside restaurant offers all the classics of Thai cuisine with different levels of heat to satisfy all palates. A true voyage for your taste buds.»