I miei consigli

A place that reminds me of Parisian shopping arcades. With those small boutiques and restaurants, the place is bathed in natural light and the floor tiles add that extra touch that is so photogenic.
Riguardo a Saveur PimenThé
Lovers of good coffees and teas, this is my favourite place for small extravagances. I always get excellent advice and the choice of products is simply incredible!
Riguardo a Lacustre Ouchy
Impossible to end my day without a short walk by the Ouchy lakeside. The ideal place to observe a magnificent sunset on the lake with the Alps as a backdrop. I love the atmosphere that emerges from the children at play, skateboarders and other artists.
The city’s small gem. A magnificent staircase that recalls Lausanne during the centuries gone by. The surrounding buildings’ pretty façades give even more appeal to this must-see place. The ascent might seem hard, but it’s worth the effort as when you reach the top, you’re at the foot of the Cathedral and have a beautiful view over the town!
To my mind, it’s the most beautiful panorama! I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked through the vineyards in that breathtaking setting! The best way to unplug and reconnect with nature.
Riguardo a Bagel on the Way
Nostalgic of my trip to New York, I feel I’m back there when I savour one of the many bagels they offer. Good street food just the way I love it with fresh and local ingredients. A shoutout for their homemade iced tea that is excellent.
Riguardo a Les Grandes Roches
A place that is as unusual as it is iconic. Located under the arches of the Pont Bessières, I don’t miss a single opportunity to go there and savour a good local beer. Chilled atmosphere guaranteed!