Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Béjart Ballet Lausanne

Jun 11, 2019 - Jun 16, 2019
Lausanne - Theatre and Shows

During his time in Lausanne, the famous choreographer Maurice Béjart created his company “Béjart Ballet Lausanne”. The BBL has performed to great acclaim all over the world, even after Béjart’s death in 2007 but remains loyal to Lausanne with very popular twice yearly performances.

The BBL performs in various venues in Lausanne every May or June and December, allowing audiences to discover the choreography of Maurice Béjart, but also new ballets created for the company by Gil Roman, the current artistic director, before travelling all around the world.

A double event for Gil Roman’s company and the last production to be staged in the theatre before it closes for renovation. Conceived to pay homage, Dixit, a “cinema-dance-theatre” spectacle written and produced by Marc Hollogne, blends the real and the virtual, choreographies by Maurice Béjart and Gil Roman, original creations and archive films.

A unique dialogue between cinema screen and stage, Dixit enables interaction between the company’s past and present. Images filmed twenty eight years ago in the intimacy of the BBL allow Maurice Béjart to be placed back at the heart of his troupe and to see and hear him conversing with his successor and present-day dancers.


Avenue Bergières 10
CH-1004 Lausanne

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