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From 24 Nov 2020 to 24 Dec 2020

Lausanne Lights Festival

The Lausanne Lights Festival will brighten up the city for the ninth time this year.
From 24 November to 24 December, you will be able to admire larger-than-life artistic light shows projected on eight of the city's landmark buildings, each of which will become an ideal canvas for a lineup including both internationally renowned and up-and-coming artists. Visit the Festival of Lights and become a part of this immersive and colossal art experience.

The Lausanne Lights Festival will brighten up the city for the ninth time this year.
Impressive light projections will transform eight landmark buildings in the city of Lausanne into true works of art. By partnering with recognised Lausanne cultural institutions such as the ECAL and the Collection de l'Art Brut, the festival strives to promote up-and-coming artists and highlight the city's own architectural heritage. All that visitors have to do is wander from one venue to another, where they can take advantage of free virtual guided tours on their smartphones. This will enable them to discover fascinating information about the various buildings in front of them and allow themselves to be enchanted by the magic of light.

The festival will take place in the city centre – at eight of Lausanne's significant buildings and squares, to be more precise.

Palais de Rumine
This marvellous building will be the playground of Berlin artist Daniel Margraf.

Bel-Air Tower
The Bel-Air Tower will form the centrepiece of the festival and serve as a “stage” for the creations of ECAL students. More than 50 students from three different fields of study will present their projected works successively each evening throughout the festival.

The Cathedral’s Montfalcon portal
After his success in 2019, Patrice Warrener returns with seven different illuminations.

Maison Mercier
This building’s façade will be transformed by artist Nicolas Hesslein, whose reputation on the Swiss mapping scene is well established.

Rue Centrale
A collaboration between Lausanne artist Xavier Monney and Pierre Allain Longval will be showcased at the corner of Rue Centrale and Place Pepinet. Monney is a master in the art of typography animation, while Longval specialises in 3D animation and is based in London.

Place de la Louve
The children’s swings in the square, designed by the Atelier D. Schlaepfer, have been illuminated during each festival since 2017. This year, their creators have decided to highlight two façades of the square, bringing a fresh new dimension to this installation, which has become such a hallmark of the festival.

Pont Bessières – Retraites Populaires building
This imposing structure will become a blank canvas that will display a selection of works from Lausanne’s Collection de l’Art Brut. The works will then come to life thanks to various animation techniques.

Place Benjamin Constant
Head over to 2 Place Benjamin Constant to admire the living frescoes created by talented Lausanne illustrator Catherine Pearson. You will find yourself transported into a world of colour and warmth, rich in detail and great finesse.


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From 24 Nov 2020 to 24 Dec 2020
Mon - Sun 18:30 - 23:00
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