The Lausanners’ short guide

When it comes to giving you the best tips to visit the city, Lausanners can always be counted on. Whether you’re searching for a fab restaurant, a place to enjoy a walk in the sun, shopping addresses to uncover absolute gems or trendy bars to spend your Saturday night, Lausanners will take you under their wing. Let them guide you with their recommendations and visit the town like a local!

Addresses to delight foodies

Lausanners are as avid food lovers as you are, and they share with you their favourite addresses to feast in Lausanne. There is something for everyone!

Spots to discover the town from all angles

Lausanners help you discover the many facets of Lausanne. Architecture, parks, viewpoints or heritage, follow the Lausanners in their favourite spots to explore both the urban and the natural aspects of the Olympic Capital.

Their favourite boutiques

It’s time for some shopping! Would you like to lay your hands on some unique items, taste delicious products or find a memorable gift? Head to the boutiques selected by Lausanners.

Their favourite places to practise sports

Lausanne is a real life-size sports ground, and the Lausans are determined to take advantage of it. Something to do in an exceptional setting!

Cultural or artistic moments

What with incredible shows, exhibitions absolutely not to be missed and the fab cultural hotspots to meet up, the Lausanners’ days are packed. Discover their recommendations for a unique cultural or artistic interval!

For a coffee or when it’s time for apéro

Whether it’s to begin the day with a lush coffee or to spend an evening with friends, discover the Lausanners’ best addresses. Cheers!

To party

Enjoy the Lausanne nightlife thanks to the Lausanners’ recommendations. They guarantee the wildest of nights in those places where they never miss an opportunity to set the dancefloor on fire.

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