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Sébastien, the adventurer

Sébastien, the adventurer

I became involved with photography and Instagram at the same time about five years ago. I never would have thought so but this social network has quickly allowed me to discover new places, enabling me to develop my artistic outlook and thereby becoming a central factor in my life.
Since it is a platform generating a lot of visual content, you can find new inspirations every day and then keep advancing, in all the domains. Instagram has also rapidly become a great tool for meeting people. I have had the chance to meet many passionate individuals, some of whom have become close friends. The fact that I regularly share my content but also interact with my subscribers on the topic of photography as we help, support and motivate each other has allowed me to develop a community of people with whom I always enjoy sharing my passion.


« For me, Lausanne, above all, is a dynamic city. No matter the time of year, there is always something to do, from sporting activities such as the magical Le Flon skating rink to the famous “Fête de la musique” festival. There’s definitely something to suit every taste. Even nature lovers can find refuge in the magnificent Sauvabelin forest and enjoy a short hike "far" from the city. Lausanne offers a full array of activities for each and everyone of us, but the season I prefer most is summer, when we can enjoy our beautiful lake either sunning on a terrace or refreshing ourselves in the water! »
«It’s probably one of Lausanne’s unmissable places, but it’s also my hangout in the evenings when I join friends for a beer. It’s the very relaxed, even festive atmosphere that immediately appealed to me, as well as the industrial setting. They have excellent IPAs that are the reward I need after a long day’s work.»
About The Great Escape
«In the mornings, I just can’t do without my coffee. Sleepy Bear offers a cocooning setting, it’s just like being at home and I can savour a delicious cold brew to start the day in the best possible way.»
About Sleepy Bear
«That’s another spot I’m particularly fond of as a photographer. A lover of architecture, the buildings of the Rue de Bourg remind me of Parisian architecture: it’s like being teleported for anything from a few minutes to a few hours.»
About Rue de Bourg
«As photography is above all a passion in addition to being my job, the Grand Pont is one of the spots I like best at sunset. You can have a global view of the Flon, awash with life, while enjoying the colours provided by the last rays of light.»
About Grand-Pont
«It needs no introduction. It’s one of Lausanne’s iconic spots, where I love to bathe and watch the sunset while enjoying a pint of good beer.»
About Jetée de la Compagnie
«My favourite place for a brunch! My top dish has got to be the full English! There’s no better prep to tackle the afternoon.»
About Blackbird Downtown Diner
«Another unmissable place in Lausanne, the “Bleu” is just as pleasant for a coffee as to go clubbing to wild music downstairs.»
About Bleu Lézard et sa Cave, arty bistro
«Talking about clubbing, the No Name is my favourite haunt: ambiencing music, well-mixed cocktails and an overall good atmosphere make this place one of my preferred nightclubs.»
About Chauderon18 /No Name
«I’m often in Paris, so I realise how lucky Lausanners are to have that lake! Just walking in Ouchy or diving in Lake Geneva is a pure moment of happiness.»
About Ouchy
«When looking for a beautiful view to observe Lausanne from above at sunset, the first place that comes to mind is Lausanne Cathedral, overlooking the town.»
About Lausanne Cathedral
«For various reasons, it’s one of my favourite places; it’s a genuine hub, with everything nearby: bars, restaurants, shops...»
About Flon - the heart of Lausanne
«As a photographer, the architecture of Rumine Palace immediately appealed to me, both inside and out. It’s also a quiet place where I can work when I’m in town.»
About Palais de Rumine
«When the summer heat gets intense, it’s essential for me to eat my favourite ice cream at the loom gelateria. A mouthful of their delicious flavours and you’re transported directly to Italy!»
About Loom Gelateria
«If I need to recharge my batteries and begin my day as positively as possible, it’s the wee hangout I recommend to all! Steeve and David will know how to welcome you with the best smiles as well as the best coffee to begin or end the day in the best possible way!»
About Ça Passe Crème
«Another vantage point that captivates me is Bessière Bridge. On the bridge, you can enjoy a lovely sunset over the Flon’s main street. From below, the spot offers another point of view that’s just as interesting: the bridge’s architecture, with the metro crossing it, allows you to capture a cool urban photo!»
About Flon - the heart of Lausanne