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Lausanne is proud of having become a point of reference in several fields of higher education. Its Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and its University (UNIL) are both home to prestigious research centres.
Their campus, the largest in Switzerland, welcomes over 25’000 researchers, teachers and students from all over the world. Its higher education establishments, such as the Lausanne Hotel School (EHL) and the University of Art and Design (ECAL), and other institutions such as the IMD Business School are placed at the top of the international rankings. Lausanne also has several more renowned establishments of tertiary education to round off the range of training provision on offer.

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Institutions of higher education

A city of 140'000 residents, Lausanne is also home to 11 institutions of higher education catering for 35'000 students – one student for every four Lausannois. Situated in and around the city, down by the lake or perched up on high, they offer something for every student: exact sciences, social sciences, art, management, health care, teacher training.

Useful information

Are you coming to study in Lausanne? Are you moving here after gaining a post within an institution of higher education? Finding accommodation, registering with the commune, getting around… these are no doubt your concerns at the moment! This section gives you lots of useful information to assist you during your first weeks in the Olympic Capital.

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