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Special evenings in Lausanne

The Lausanner
The Lausanner
October 16, 2019

Lausanne is a bustling city! You only need to check out its wide choice of bars and clubs to realise that. However, the town’s nightlife has a lot more to offer than going out for a few drinks and to dance, so read on: we have hand-picked Lausanne’s best special nights to have fun.

The Bleu Lézard

The Bleu Lézard’s Messages Nights need no introduction. Everyone from Lausanne has heard about them and taken part in at least one in that sought-after venue that has become one of the town’s real institutions. Are you ready to write a note to the one who’s making your heart skip a beat that night? The Bleu Lézard also organises famous Blind Tests so you can put your musical knowledge to the test.

See the whole calendar of events on their Facebook page 
Bleu Lézard, Rue Enning 10


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The Java

With its original décor, the Java has carved itself a place in Lausanne nightlife thanks to Messages Nights (every Friday from 9 pm to midnight). Get your sweet nothings delivered to the person you’ve spotted. In the age of Tinder and other dating apps, why not go back to a more romantic approach?
The Java also organises Numerology Nights (every Thursday of odd-numbered weeks from 8 to 11 pm) to discover your strengths and weaknesses, as well as Magic Nights (every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 7.30 to 11 pm) to bedazzle you.

The Java, Rue Marterey 36


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The Cyrano

Do you believe your voice should break free of your shower or car so it can be appreciated by a wider audience? Head to the Cyrano for its Karaoke Nights on Friday and Saturday evenings as from 10 pm. Warm up your voice, rehearse your favourites and step into the limelight! Who knows, you might show enough talent to enter The Voice!

The Cyrano, Rue du Bourg 16-20


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The McCarthy’s

Is it on the tip of your tongue? Well, that doesn’t count. Come and test your general knowledge on various topics during the McCarthy’s Quiz Nights, every Sunday starting at 7 pm. Either alone or in teams of six. Which team has the most sharply honed brain?!

McCarthy’s, Place Pépinet 1


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The Qwertz

The Qwertz is the first bar dedicated to geek culture and esport in Switzerland. The geek lurking within you will be delighted to discover the available game consoles and weekly board game nights.

Qwertz, Rue de la Grotte 3


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Giraf Bar

Located just below Lausanne Cathedral, the Giraf Bar offers various themed evenings in a relaxed atmosphere to eighty’s soundtracks. From Tuesday’s Blind Tests to Wednesday’s Jass Tournaments (a popular local card game) to Quizz Nights, there’s something in there for everyone!

Giraf Bar, Rue Pierre Viret 6


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That pirates’ lair at the Flon seems to be set in the hold of a galleon. Here, rum flows abundantly to the sound of music. Every Tuesday and Sunday, you can sing some ditties during Karaoke Nights – “Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me”! Or show off your musical knowledge during Wednesday’s Blind Tests.

Barberousse, Rue de Genève 17


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Silent Parties

A new way of spending your evening, silent parties are all the rage! Every year, we meet up at the regular ones: at the Place de l’Europe, on the Montbenon Esplanade or at the Pully swimming pool. Not forgetting the giant silent party in the town of Lausanne on New Year’s Eve.


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With that selection, there are no more excuses for staying at home watching Netflix. Call your group of friends and off you go to enjoy memorable nights! Shall we meet at a Blind Test evening? Or is karaoke more your thing?

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