Madina, the classy mommy

I moved to Lausanne just three years ago, after the end of my studies in economy/marketing in Geneva. I am a very active young mother, passionate about creating content for my own social media and those of Lausanne shops. I love to enrich my daily walks by capturing the beauty of places in photo or video. What’s more, I nourish a great passion for patisserie. I do have my secret recipes, but I’m also constantly on the lookout for good addresses. A delicious cheesecake with a cup of tea can make your day better, according to me. As I have a nomadic spirit, I have often changed my places of residence, but landing in Lausanne turns out to be my best decision.
« For me, Lausanne is a city where everyone will find their place. Whether that’s seated on the shores of the lake to seek tranquillity, in the city centre chilling in a bar with friends or in search of cultural enrichment at the Vaud Museum of Fine Arts. It’s a town where nature and architecture are in perfect harmony! »

My recommendations

This place is much more than a café. The speciality coffee is exceptional, the staff welcomes you with a big smile and the teddy bears can keep you company when you go there on your own. A stone’s throw from the train station, Sleepy Bear is a must visit if you’re leaving Lausanne or if you’re returning there (pets and kids friendly).
A breathtaking view over the mountains, lake and boats reveals itself to you if you sit on a bench in Elysée Park. It’s my favourite place when the weather is sunny, especially when the cherry trees are in blossom. It’s one of the best spots to enjoy the panoramic view over Lake Geneva that the town of Lausanne can offer us.
A brand-new spot in Lausanne. It’s a pastry shop that offers you a large choice of gluten-free, lactose-free and low-sugar pastries. The recipes are unique and delicious. This place shouldn’t be missed when you’re strolling in the beautiful neighbourhood called “Sous Gare”.
Another gem in the “Sous Gare” neighbourhood. After conquering the hill, you’ll be rewarded by a magnificent view that opens onto the lake. The benches in the shade of the trees will welcome you for a short relaxing break. Several paths lead back down to other interesting places such as Milan Park.
This park is really the heart of the neighbourhood. Whatever activity takes your fancy, you’ll find the space for it. A table-tennis, football or basketball match, a picnic with friends or an outing with your family on the playground for toddlers.
This café is located in the heart of the neighbourhood and for good reasons: a friendly atmosphere as well as its refined cuisine that highlights authentic flavours, prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Don’t hesitate to go there, whether for brunch, lunch or dinner.
This small souvenir shop will catch your eye when you’re about to stop and admire the Château d'Ouchy. There, you’ll find a large choice of iconic Swiss objects, from traditional wall clocks to picturesque cows, unique items that are perfect to take back home some of the spirit and beauty of this country.