Luana, the creative soul

Before moving to Lausanne, I lived for a number of years in Nyon. When I began studying at Fribourg University, I was faced with a choice – I had to find a new place to live that was closer to my studies. More or less halfway between Nyon and Fribourg, Lausanne seemed to me to be the ideal place to begin this new chapter – and I got it right. I am currently studying Media and Communications as well as being a Community Manager in a communications agency in Nyon. I am also passionate about photography and love to explore the many different facets this art has to offer.


« For me, Lausanne is a city that inspires, whether thanks to the charm of its streets, its numerous cultural events or the diversity of its population. In my eyes, Lausanne offers a perfect balance of social and relaxing activities, thanks to its green spaces and the magnificent lakeside. What I particularly appreciate here is that it’s always bursting with new activities, unusual spaces and concepts to be discovered, making it a city full of surprises that constantly stimulates my curiosity and my thirst for discovery. »

My recommendations

Fripsquare is the expression of a generation split between its love of the latest trends and its environmental conscience. It’s a concept that promotes sharing, exchanges and responsible consumption in the area of fashion. Located for a long time in a former taxi booth in the area below the train station, the thrift shop has recently moved to Chemin de la Joliette 5, where it offers not only second-hand clothes in excellent condition, but now also a coffee shop going by the same name.
Would you be tempted by a magnificent view over the lake and vineyards? The Lavaux Express takes you on a tour of its site listed as UNESCO World Heritage. Various loops are available, each as stunning as the others. You also have the option of stopping in one of the many wine cellars of the area for a wine tasting or to savour an aperitif during your trip.
Immerse yourself in a musical moment full of serenity with Thelonica. Every summer, the association offers you concerts at dawn, at the Jetée de la Compagnie. Its eclectic programming includes jazz, modern, classic and contemporary music. The unique atmosphere at dawn invites to an experience of discovery, dialogue and inner peace.
This 20th-century, family-run antique shop is located in the Flon District. There, you will find a unique selection of leading names in design such as Eames, Knoll, Saarinen, Aalto and Le Corbusier, as well as lesser-known creators. There is also a café named “Curiosi-Thés” in that beautiful space, where you can savour organic cordials, teas and lemonades.
Located in the heart of Mon-Repos Park, this charming small café serves drinks and local homemade pastries. It’s the perfect spot to meet up with a friend and walk in the park!
About Eat Me
Travel through the flavours of the world at Eat Me, a place where international culinary delights come to life on small plates. The menu is packed with “tasty souvenirs” that go from street food delicacies to sophisticated gastronomy creations. Discover the richness of the textures, colours, aromas and tastes in each mouthful, specially served on small plates designed to share these treats with your close ones. A memorable and friendly culinary experience!
No more worries about finding a table in this famous café, so appreciated by Lausanners! The address so treasured by coffee lovers has extended its space to offer new delicacies in addition to its regular drinks menu. It’s the opportunity to make the most of an original cocktail menu and a selection of fifty whiskies from Scotland, Japan, Sweden and Finland. You can also discover cocktails that blend coffee and whisky for a unique tasting experience.