La Folie Voltaire

Parc de Mon Repos
Folie Voltaire awaits you beneath Allée des Marroniers in the heart of Mon-Repos park. Enjoy the terrace in the shade of the trees to savour local cuisine of the season: artisan ice creams and gourmet lunches.

Useful information


Parc de Mon Repos
1005 Lausanne

How to get there

Parking and public transport nearby
Green and shady terrace
Theme events
Brunch on Sundays from 10:30 a.m.

Opening hours vary according to season and weather

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Chloé, the family designer
The Lausanner recommends
Chloé the family designer
La Folie Voltaire is rather "the place to be" for families. Located right in the heart of the city, this restaurant offers delicious daily specials, sweet or savoury crepes, and handmade ice cream. And the best part of all: the adjoining play area. It’s every parent's dream!
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Laureline & Tania, the curious sisters
The Lausanner recommends
Laureline & Tania the curious sisters
A small corner of paradise in the midst of nature in the city centre, a favourite spot as soon as the summer days are on us to meet up for a fresh salad, a homemade quiche, a delicious ice cream or just to sip a cordial in the shade of the trees.
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Alix, the flower power
The Lausanner recommends
Alix the flower power
Certainly my favourite park in Lausanne. A haven of peace away from the urban hustle and bustle where I feel like I’m wandering inside a living painting. An enchanting, timeless spot that is bound to move you. When the days get warmer, I recommend treating yourself to a break in the alley of chestnut trees at the Folie Voltaire. It’s the most charming kiosk with a menu featuring simple yet delicious, seasonal dishes!
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Luana, the creative soul
The Lausanner recommends
Luana the creative soul
Located in the heart of Mon-Repos Park, this charming small café serves drinks and local homemade pastries. It’s the perfect spot to meet up with a friend and walk in the park!

More info

This small pretty café offers a terrace on gravel, shaded by chestnut trees. Its menu card is faithful to the region: beverages and home-made pâtisseries or made by a local artisan. The ice creams, pancakes and especially the weekend breakfasts are the highlights of the menu.
This café iin the heart of the Mon-Repos park s very popular with the inhabitants of Lausanne.

Mon-Repos is one of Lausanne’s most beautiful parks offering aviaries elegant buildings and lawns that invite you to a stroll. There used to be a theatre too, featuring Voltaire’s plays during one of the writer’s visits in the capital of Vaud.

This illustrious guest inspired the creators of Folie Voltaire. Its café in a kiosk of that epoch is familiar to Parisians and fans of the City of Light.
Just like all small pleasures, Folie Voltaire is ephemeral and spontaneous: it is only open when the weather permits it and there is no advance booking

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