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Victoria, the green smoothie

Victoria, the green smoothie

I have always been interested in sports and nutrition. When I was young, I often played "restaurant", and I spent my weekends inventing dance choreographies in my room. It was only later that I realised that what I thought was a passion for fitness was actually a desire to surpass myself, to become the best possible version of me that I could be. With this goal in mind, I began to take an interest in personal development, and I understood then that my ambitions went even further. With the help of my online platforms, events and coaching, my aim is to make people aware that they all have the power to become the best version of themselves since it is within them, and that you just have to work on yourself to achieve it.


« Lausanne, for me, is a haven of comfort, a small city straight out of a postcard. It’s a city where people live consciously and at a slower rhythm in harmony with nature. Fresh, regional products are accessible to everyone and the mountains, lake and vineyards are only a short distance away. »
«One of my favourite places to train out in the open. I love going there at sunset during a summer evening or early in the morning for a cardio session. It’s always quiet and the view over the lake is unbeatable!»
About Le Crêt de Montriond
«Living without producing waste is becoming possible and even easy with the large range of products from Chez Mamie. Here, you’ll find absolutely everything in bulk: cosmetics, tea, flours, grains, spices, oil, soap, etc. and at very reasonable prices. Thanks to them, a sustainable lifestyle is easily accessible to everyone.»
About Chez Mamie
«My Saturday ritual: I wake up early and walk to the Place de la Riponne to beat the crowd. Before 8 am, I have already bought all my organic and Swiss fruit and veg for the week.»
«On summer mornings, it’s the ideal spot for a yoga session. La Jetée actually offers classes, but I love going there even before the classes take place, just when the sun is rising and all is calm, the only noise being the water lapping against the rocks.»
About Jetée de la Compagnie
«Dieses kleine Café wird von einer Familie betrieben, die aus Italien stammt. Hier ist alles hausgemacht – und das schmeckt man sofort! Sämtliche Gerichte sind vegan und glutenfrei und werden aus lokalen Bio-Produkten zubereitet. Meine Favoriten sind die Gemüse-Quiche und die Blaubeerplätzchen zum Nachtisch (denn denen kann niemand widerstehen!).»
About Racines
«As a freelancer, Sleepy Bear is the perfect refuge for me. I can sit in front of the window with my laptop and work while people come and go around me… and savour my “almond latte”, always prepared to perfection by the owner Diana.»
About Sleepy Bear
«The peerless local small café; Steve and Davide have succeeded in creating a real community. When I want a quiet spot to chat with a girlfriend, we sit on the bench in that charming café with a “dirty oat chai”. There’s nothing more comforting.»
About Ça Passe Crème
«Very near Lausanne is concealed a path with a breathtaking view. I take the train to St-Saphorin and walk back to Lausanne through the vineyards, with a view over the lake and the mountains. I have rarely seen paths with such a beautiful landscape.»
About UNESCO-listed Lavaux vineyard terraces
«In the heart of the neighbourhood below the train station, this shop offers all the products you’ll find in a supermarket – but everything is organic! The “bulk” section where you can fill paper bags with nuts, grains, tea and spices is particularly interesting.»
About Bio C Bon
«In the evening, in the morning, even on Sunday – in fact anytime – Tibits is open and offers a buffet with delicious vegetarian dishes. I love going there in the middle of the afternoon, when it’s quiet, so I can sit peacefully with a copious plate of veg and a ginger and lemon punch.»
About Tibits Lausanne
«This café is located on the last floor of Globus, just at the entrance to Holmes Place. Their salad buffet is incredible and offers all the ingredients to make up a beautiful, varied and scrumptious salad: avocado, onion, marinated tofu, mushrooms, hummus…»
About Green Up
«On Saturday, after I’ve bought my veg for the week at the market, I stop in this bright café for a latte with oats milk. The Coffee Page has gorgeous books available for its customers to leaf through while savouring a speciality coffee. The perfect place for a short break and to take my mind off things.»
About Coffee Page