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Realsousgare, the king of satire

Realsousgare, the king of satire

I was born in 2000 and am currently a student. A little over a year ago, I launched a memes page called @realsousgare, where I talk about the population of the Sous-gare district in Lausanne, but more generally about a certain social class, one that’s privileged, full of good intentions but not ready to give up the comforts of life. Spoiler alert: I'm actually one of those people. But now, I try to dig a little deeper, to question more things, to become more involved myself, with the hope that by 2070, when I'm a grandfather, the world will perhaps be slightly better than it is today.
« For me, Lausanne is New York without the magic, it's Paris without the outdoor terraces, it's Copenhagen without the bikes, it's Berlin without the parties... Lausanne is small, it's ordinary, it's almost anodyne. And yet, it has this subtle charm that you have to spend a moment looking for, but once you've found it, you’ll never leave Lausanne again. »
«The Milan Park botanical garden is a small island of diversity in which to take refuge, far from shopping malls and the noise of the town. Simply listening to the sounds of frogs and bees feels like a regeneration.»
About Milan Park
«Where to go to buy a progressive rock vinyl and a book on humanities could be quite a conundrum. Fortunately, there is a place dedicated to both: the Basta! bookshop and just below, Obsession Records.»
About Librairie Basta!
«The bourgeois charm of the neighbourhood under the train station is rather cliché. Nevertheless, you have to admit the area (which is also mine) possesses some indisputable qualities, such as the ice-cream parlour Loom that offers dozens of flavours as unlikely as they are irresistible.»
About Loom Gelateria
«I love independent cinema partly because it makes me cooler than other people, but mainly because I’m passionate about it. That’s why I regularly go to the Bellevaux Cinema, which shows films that are lesser known, a bit less commercial, but often unusual and moving.»
About Cinema Bellevaux
«Resembling an underground bar in Berlin or Milan, La Grenette epitomises the capital of young bobo culture in Lausanne. The place is rather quiet in winter, but as soon as summer returns with its balmy evenings, the atmosphere turns festive and euphoric.»
About La Grenette