Cinema Bellevaux

One of the last art-house and experimental cinemas in Lausanne.
Established in 1959, it screens films neglected by the commercial circuits. It regularly shows artistic works which go beyond what is normally associated with the cinema. Contemporary or experimental productions, whether audio or visual, family showings and conferences are the stock in trade of the Cinéma de Bellevaux.


Route Aloys-Fauquez 4
1018 Lausanne


021 647 46 42

What the Lausanners think
«I love independent cinema partly because it makes me cooler than other people, but mainly because I’m passionate about it. That’s why I regularly go to the Bellevaux Cinema, which shows films that are lesser known, a bit less commercial, but often unusual and moving.»
Realsousgare, the king of satire
Realsousgare, the king of satire
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