Sabine, the cultural connoisseur

Sabine, the cultural connoisseur

I’ve been obsessed with art and classical dance since I was a child, so I can't miss a cultural event in the region, whether it’s an exhibition, a play or a ballet performance. I certainly love to nourish my soul, but I also love to nourish my stomach, so you're likely to find me in one of my favourite wine bars or heading off to discover a new restaurant.


« My city, where do I begin? It’s incredibly diverse, you can start off your day with brunch, view a classical or contemporary art exhibition in the city centre, stroll down to the lake for cocktails, and end your day with a theatre performance or at one of the city’s many bars. You’ll never find yourself at a loss for something to do. »

My recommendations

The healthy South African bowl that’s simply perfect for a lunch break. Every time, it’s an explosion of different flavours, and tastes and combinations that are unsuspected, at least to my Swiss taste buds. And don’t even think of leaving without a slice of carrot cake!
A small art gallery located in the Flon garages, it presents contemporary Swiss artists each more original than the other. We don’t miss a single vernissage, all the more so as the owners are fantastic, before ending the evening with a drink at the Flon.
About Eat Me
One of my haunts. A glass of wine, a really original cocktail, a small tapas or even several, it’s a trip round the world for the taste buds and the perfect place for an afterwork with plenty of nibbles.
It has become the reference in contemporary theatre in the area thanks to its director Vincent Baudriller. Its programming well outside my comfort zone has taught me to appreciate contemporary theatre and its highly current themes.
About Uchitomi
Simply because they are the best sushi in Lausanne and that the deli is packed full of original Japanese products, among which delicious gyozas and mixes for Okonomyaki that are easy to make at home.
Le Vestibule, known as the city's clandestine bar, is modelled after a speakeasy from the '20s. Once you've discovered its secret doors, you can take a seat on one of the comfy sofas and sip a delicious little cocktail. However, making your choice is difficult – each new drink is more original than the last. In summer you can even sit on a terrace with a view of the cathedral while reading one of the books plucked from the shelves lining the bar.
Lausanne has the great good fortune to have its own dance company - and one of the best! The Béjart Ballet Lausanne immortalises the talent of the choreographer Maurice Béjart. I never tire of seeing his greatest creations such as Le Presbytère, Ballet for life, Brel et Barbara or The 7 Greek dances.