Le Vestibule

Rue Cité-Devant 4
A library that transforms into a bar once you step through the door, making it the first hidden bar in Lausanne!
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Sabine, the cultural connoisseur
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Sabine the cultural connoisseur
Le Vestibule, known as the city's clandestine bar, is modelled after a speakeasy from the '20s. Once you've discovered its secret doors, you can take a seat on one of the comfy sofas and sip a delicious little cocktail. However, making your choice is difficult – each new drink is more original than the last. In summer you can even sit on a terrace with a view of the cathedral while reading one of the books plucked from the shelves lining the bar.
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The concept behind Le Vestibule was inspired by the Prohibition era in the United States, which started in 1920. During that time, people had to rely on ingenuity to obtain alcohol, since selling it was illegal. This led to the emergence of “speakeasies” or “blind pig” establishments, whose façades made it possible to conceal the sale of alcoholic beverages, which was carried out in secret.

Le Vestibule looks like a library from the outside but you will discover that it is indeed a bar once you step inside!
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