La Cité

Cathédrale de Lausanne
This is a quarter full of typical small bistros and craft shops. To the north of the Cité hill, at Place du Tunnel, avenue César-Roux avenue and Place de l’Ours, shops and quirky bistros cry out to be discovered. It is around the Cité hill, sculpted by the Flon and Louve rivers, that the mediaeval town grew. Its cobble-stoned pedestrian streets as well as its monuments, the Cathedral of Lausanne, the St-Maire Castle and the Old academy, bear witness to that.
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Clarence, the sporty spice
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Clarence the sporty spice
I love it so much, but I pick a time when nobody will be there, usually in the evening and it makes me feel part of the city, like a queen running in her city where it is all mine since everyone else is at home. The challenge of running on cobbled streets and up and down the ancient steps makes this route a great parcour!
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Alexandre, the souvenir maker
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Alexandre the souvenir maker
Walking in these charming narrow streets where historical monuments rub shoulders with typical bars plunges me into a different time. I find the streets so photogenic and the atmosphere they convey simply incredible! I suggest you roam all the streets and end on the Esplanade of the St-Maire Castle, from where the view is stunning.
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Around the cathedral, an array of wonderful gems and little stalls nestled in magnificent historic buildings form a medieval ensemble that will delight those who like to shop in quiet, cultured surroundings.
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