Vincent, the cyclo flash

Born and raised during the eighties, I am a pure product of the region and 120% Lausanner. An absolute lover of discoveries, it’s nevertheless in Lausanne, where I have built my cocoon, that I truly feel at home every time I return from a trip. As a self-taught photographer, freelance from time to time, I practise street, sports and landscape photography. For me, photography is like a suspended interlude in daily life, a creative world where I can reconnect with that feeling of freedom that I find when I’m travelling. In Lausanne, you’re sure to see me roaming the streets either on an electric bike or on foot, but always with my camera.


« My home town is a place that is naturally dear to me. An infinite playing and exploration ground. A city that is in constant evolution, the sports, economic and student lungs of the Lake Geneva region that enjoys a prime location on the shores of Lake Geneva and neighbours the Lavaux terraced vineyards, one of the most beautiful panoramas in Switzerland. »

In Lausanne, (even) the lens thrives: my best photo spots

Today, I’m leaving my electric bike at home and reaching for my favourite camera for a street photography session. When I’m travelling, I always try to read up on the best places, those not to be missed for a photographer. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Lausanne offers a variety of unique settings, so follow me to discover my 10 best spots! Read

My recommendations

Cosy, with a friendly staff and a great drinks menu, Sleepy Bear’s big brother is, according to me, the new hotspot for brunches in Lausanne. To discover without restraint.
Total change of scenery, both on the plate or in the atmosphere that prevails in that Vietnamese restaurant housed in the former funicular station. A summer night on the terrace, watching the Vallon neighbourhood come to life creates a different kind of atmosphere, and one so pleasant to experience in Lausanne.
An unmissable address in the area below the train station, whether at lunchtime, for afterwork or in the evening. Every hour has its own clientele. A culinary journey through Europe and, who knows, possibly that foretaste that will tempt you to board a night train heading for …
A few minutes cycle ride from Lausanne, to stop in this former small chapel that offers Lavaux wines to take away and savour on a bench, perched above Lake Geneva, is simply an experience not to be missed.
Don’t you know that address? It’s easy to find: simply walk along Boulevard de Grancy and spot the line of people queuing to enter this true temple of iced flavours. There’s something to suit every taste and every palate – my favourite remaining the black-sesame ice cream.
Located in the very heart of Milan Park, this botanical garden is a haven of peace and colours, especially in autumn. Its greenhouse, plants and trees as well as its private gardens let me loose myself for a few hours. Then, to quench my thirst, I head to the popular Montriond Café, a veritable hub for meetings.
Born in Lausanne, I surprisingly only discovered this place recently, but it is, according to me, the best spot to admire the sun set over the town’s roofs, surrounded by vineyards. To reach it, walk through the area below the train station, take the charming Chemin des Fleurettes, then carry on climbing.