On the Languedoc hillside

In the heart of the urban area, discover a unique vineyard. Finish by taking in the view from the hill in the botanical gardens. At the heart of the urban area, this council-owned vineyard is one of a kind. It reminds us that for many centuries the lower part of the city was thickly planted with vines.
Just a stone’s throw east of Lausanne, you will find the start of the Lavaux vineyard, a registered UNESCO World Heritage site. Stretching from the lake to the sky, this vineyard is known for its steep slopes, its old walls, its traditional villages and its white wine, made from Chasselas, a local grape variety. Retrace your steps as far as the start of the bridge, where you go downhill to your right via Chemin des Deux-Ponts. Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and take the downhill path opposite, Chemin de Fontenay. Then turn left onto Chemin du Mont-Tendre, and right onto Chemin du Mollendruz. At the bottom of the latter, take a left. Just after the little church, go down to your right via the public footpath. At the bottom of this path, take the pedestrian walkway and this will bring you to a public park, Place de Milan. Climb to the top of the wooded hill adjoining the park in order to reach the final viewing point on this walk. There are several routes that allow you to do this, including one via the Botanical Gardens, which begin at the bottom of the park. 15 mins.


Chemin du Languedoc
1003 Lausanne


What the Lausanners think
«It’s a small, well-hidden hill where there are beautiful buildings and, especially, a gorgeous esplanade that looks down over the lake. It’s one of the most pleasant places in Lausanne to chill while admiring the landscape and the uniqueness of the Alps – special mention for the sunset that is something else. There is also a small vineyard that evokes the wine-growing past of this part of town, as well as the extent to which we’re in a really lovely place.»
Sainath, the walking man
Sainath, the walking man
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