Jasmine, the dancing queen

I’ve had the huge privilege of interpreting various roles in fascinating pieces, among which the most recent one, “Tous les hommes presque toujours s'imaginent” (“All Men Almost Always Imagine Themselves”), by Gil Roman, that was created specially for me. These performances have enabled me to criss-cross the globe, to dance on prestigious stages all over the world. In parallel with my career as a dancer, I have given birth to JAZYMOVES in 2020, a project that combines pilates, yoga, dancing, stretching and many other disciplines. This initiative takes up an important part of my daily life, both as an artist and someone who cares about her well-being. In my social media, I find a space to share much more than memories and moments. I love to give out advice on a healthy lifestyle, including aspects such as nutrition, training, recovery methods and cultivating positive energy. In addition, I take pleasure in guiding my followers to discover the hidden treasures in Lausanne, my city of predilection. My commitment to dancing, my unyielding passion and my desire to reach a mental balance mean that I am a source of inspiration for all those who wish to follow a similar path.
« Lausanne, for me, is the place where my passion for dancing has blossomed within Béjart Ballet over the past 14 years. Lausanne, that gem on the shores of Lake Geneva, is way more than a city to me. Its paved streets, historical buildings and the views over the mountains create a unique atmosphere that inspires me every day. The shores of Lake Geneva offer relaxing moments, and the dynamic cultural scene adds a fascinating dimension to my life here. It’s the place where I recharge my batteries and connect with the beauty of Swiss nature and culture, strengthening in this way my commitment to dancing. »

My recommendations

Watch the prestigious dancing competition at Beaulieu Theatre and discover the rising stars of classical and contemporary ballet.
About La Parada
Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of La Parada, a colourful and artistic neighbourhood in Lausanne, where you’ll find art galleries, trendy cafés and a unique creative energy.
Explore the impressive Cathedral of Notre Dame, a gothic masterpiece that offers a breathtaking panoramic view over the town from its belfry.
Relax on the charming Vidy Beach on the shores of Lake Geneva, perfect for a sunny day with nautical activities and a magnificent view over the Alps.
Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas at Bô Noël, a festive market where you can savour local specialities, buy handcrafted gifts and enjoy the friendly atmosphere.
Walk around the peaceful Montbenon Park, a haven of greenery in the heart of town, ideal for picnics, walks and outdoor events.
Experience summer by the lakeside with Lausanne sur Mer, a lively seasonal event that offers concerts, aquatic activities and a unique summery atmosphere.