Axel, the speedy dunker

At 27, I’m a pro basketball player driven by the desire to push myself beyond my limits and become the best version of myself. A music lover and a great fan of juices and smoothies for their benefits to my health and vitality, I constantly seek to combine sports performance and well-being. Yet my mission goes beyond the court: I am determined to build a school in Haiti, my country of origin, to give young people the opportunity to fulfil their potential. Through my sport, my music and my projects, I want to inspire each person to draw from within themselves the strength to do better and to grow.
« Lausanne, for me, is the perfect balance between the hustle and bustle of city life and a leisurely lifestyle. Nestled on the shores of Lake Geneva, the city offers every day an unbelievable panorama, in which the blue of the lake blends in with the Alpine summits. I truly feel at home here, in this vibrant and dynamic metropolis that is also the lifeblood of the canton of Vaud. In the summer, Lausanne becomes a playing field for amateurs of art, music, sports and culture. I love to immerse myself in it, sometimes as a player, sometimes as a spectator, always surprised by the diversity of experiences it offers. However, Lausanne is also those quiet spots where I recharge my batteries, whether by strolling on the Ouchy quays or the Vidy beaches, while admiring the botanical gardens or enjoying Lake Geneva. In short, it’s much more than a city, it’s a source of inspiration and a true ode to life. »

My recommendations

About The Flon
The modern soul of Lausanne lies in the Flon District, a lively place where art, gastronomy, shopping and nightlife meet in a stylish and relaxed atmosphere.
In the town centre, Beaulieu Park is ideal for a picnic or a reading break under its majestic trees.
An essential meeting place for foodies and lovers of fresh produce, the Place Saint-François market every Saturday morning is an enjoyable and authentic experience. Just what’s needed to fill my basket with flavours from here and elsewhere for the week.
As a great lover of smoothies, I have a weekly appointment at Green Gorilla to savour their delicious recipes prepared with love and local products.
A true temple for all lovers of 3x3 basketball, the hall offers two quality courts to play, learn and perfect your techniques. A must for all Lausanne basketball players!
More than a simple viewpoint, La Jetée de la Compagnie is a real corner of paradise in Lausanne. What with a breathtaking view over Lake Geneva and an appetising menu of snacks and cocktails, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing moment in the morning or a friendly evening with friends.
Not to be missed in Lausanne if you wish to immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Olympic Games. A must-visit for all lovers of sports and history!