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Flon – the heart of Lausanne

Flon is the heart of the city of Lausanne, pulsing with life, day and night, in a modern and innovative setting. It’s the town’s architectural success: this district of former warehouses that begins at the Place de l’Europe was rehabilitated as a living area with a wide array of restaurants, bars, clubs, boutiques, cinemas, bowling and exhibition spaces. A must is to enjoy a drink on one of the rooftop terraces. In the winter, you can enjoy the ice-rink and in the summer the sandy beach.
A former industrial wasteland, the Flon is today an unmissable place for meeting friends and for retail therapy. The warehouses standing on the Flon plateau were built in 1894 when the Flon was covered over between 1874 and 1915. The reinforced concrete technique used for many of these buildings was new at the time. The flat roofs and straight alignments form a marked contrast with the medieval Old Town.

Many have now been transformed into centres for alternative theatre or music. A day spa, shopping centres, sports shops and fashion boutiques stand side by side in an ultra-modern architectural environment. There is no shortage of places to rest, either, with the numerous bars and restaurants spread all over the area.


Esplanade du Flon
1003 Lausanne


+41 21 341 12 12

What the Lausanners think
«For various reasons, it’s one of my favourite places; it’s a genuine hub, with everything nearby: bars, restaurants, shops...»
Sébastien, the adventurer
Sébastien, the adventurer
«Another vantage point that captivates me is Bessière Bridge. On the bridge, you can enjoy a lovely sunset over the Flon’s main street. From below, the spot offers another point of view that’s just as interesting: the bridge’s architecture, with the metro crossing it, allows you to capture a cool urban photo!»
Sébastien, the adventurer
Sébastien, the adventurer
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