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Dominik, the arch-photo fan

Dominik, the arch-photo fan

I’m a software and big data engineer with a passion for photography – and architectural photography in particular. Originally from Germany, I started my university studies in France before moving to Montreal, Canada, where I lived for almost 20 years. As soon as I arrived in Lausanne in 2016, I fell under its spell. This is such a multifaceted city. I now take advantage of every free weekend I have to explore the cultural and architectural richness that Lausanne and the whole of Switzerland have to offer, and I love sharing these discoveries on my Instagram account.


« For me, Lausanne is a city where there is always something to see, whether it's an innovative building, a new exhibition at one of its many museums, or simply the millionth gorgeous sunset disappearing into the lake! »
«What could be better than ending a summer day at the beach in Vidy? Within walking distance of the town centre, we love chilling there with the family around a barbecue as well as cooling down in the lake. Not to mention the splendid sunsets…»
About Plaines de Vidy
«The Fondation de l’Hermitage – on a site that’s packed with charm and boasts a stunning view on Lausanne and its cathedral – impresses me every time. I never tire of viewing the exhibitions, with such refined harmony between the manor house and the displayed works!»
About Fondation de l'Hermitage
«For me, the most beautiful view of Lausanne in springtime is from the Musée de l’Élysée’s park. With its alley bordered with cherry blossoms and its benches, it’s the perfect place for a lunch break with a view over Lake Geneva.»
About Musée de l’Elysée
«The Galfetti Tower on Chauderon Square fascinates me. Not only does it look like the largest keyhole in Lausanne when you stand in its centre and look upwards, but its appearance also changes dramatically between night and day.»
About Pont Chauderon
«What a surprising staircase – laid out in a double helix structure, with visitors ascending and descending at opposite sides. And the fantastic views over Lausanne are not to be missed.»
About Sauvabelin Tower
«While the interior of the opera house reminds us of Italian halls, its mirrored exterior shows us the town in an entirely new light in the form of a reflection!»
About Lausanne Opera House
«Even today, the cathedral watchman continues to call out the time from ten at night until two in the morning! A visit with the watchman was an unforgettable experience for me!»
About Lausanne Cathedral
«I love taking a stroll through its sloping paths where city life and nature meet, between parks as well as buildings put in place for the Swiss national exposition of 1964.»
About Vallée de la Jeunesse
«The campus of this place of higher education inspires too with its modern architecture, with designs by SANAA, Kengo Kuma and Dominique Perrault. Each time I visit, I discover new perspectives!»