Lausanne Opera House

Avenue du Théâtre 12
Discover lyrical art at the Opéra de Lausanne.
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Dominik, the arch-photo fan
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Dominik the arch-photo fan
While the interior of the opera house reminds us of Italian halls, its mirrored exterior shows us the town in an entirely new light in the form of a reflection!
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Sabine, the cultural connoisseur
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Sabine the cultural connoisseur
Since 1871, the Lausanne Opera transports Lausanners thanks to lyric art, ballet, singing competitions and a partnership with the University of Music. Every year provides new auditory and visual marvels that fluctuate between tradition and modernity.

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On the stage of the Opéra de Lausanne, “homemade” creations as well as world-famous productions are performed. Singers, musicians and dancers, both classical and lyrical, endorse this scene as does the public coming from all over Switzerland.