Sauvabelin Tower

Tour de Sauvabelin
360° views open up multiple vistas from the top of this 35-metre-high tower, which was built in 2003: you can view the Lausanne conurbation, Lake Geneva and the three geographic regions of Switzerland - the Alps, the Jura and the Plateau.

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Tour de Sauvabelin
1018 Lausanne

How to get there

A maximum of 30 people at same time, for security reasons. Access is limited by an automatic gate at the entrance. In case of bad weather and safety conditions (strong wind, snow or ice), the tower is closed.

Sauvabelin Park

On the hills above Lausanne, Sauvabelin Park is a popular destination with families and nature lovers close to the city. With farm and forest animals, walks trips with panoramic views over the city and Lake Geneva, it has many attractions to offer visitors.

The Sauvabelin site

Sauvabelin and its lake have been a gathering place for Sunday family outings, school trips and visitors since the 19th century. It is one of Lausanne's symbols of nature in the city, as it takes no more than 10 minutes to reach this lush green setting from the city centre.
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Dominik, the arch-photo fan
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Dominik the arch-photo fan
What a surprising staircase – laid out in a double helix structure, with visitors ascending and descending at opposite sides. And the fantastic views over Lausanne are not to be missed.

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This tower was built of wood, principally Douglas fir obtained from local forests. This is just one of many examples of how Lausanne is a city adept at sustainable development.

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